Choosing the Best Window Replacement for Your Ferndale MI Home

Choosing the best windows for your Ferndale home is a great way to improve its appearance, add value and boost energy efficiency. A professional installer will help you find the right type of window to suit your needs and budget.

Using low-E glass will cut down on heat from the sun’s harmful rays and keep your home cool in the summer. Consider also using argon gas-filled windows for added energy savings.

Low-E Glass

Energy efficiency is important for homes and businesses in Ferndale’s varied climate. The right windows and proper installation methods can significantly improve a home or office’s insulation and energy cost savings.

Low E glass is a smart choice for new windows because it reduces energy costs and fading to household items by blocking harmful UV rays. It also helps control indoor temperatures throughout the year, which lowers heating and cooling bills.

Additionally, the soft-coat of a Low E window is durable and cannot be scratched or wiped off like cheaper films can. This type of window has a slight tint that can be noticeable, but it shouldn’t impact the overall appearance.

Argon Gas-Filled Windows

Argon gas is a great addition to any double-pane window, as it helps reduce energy costs and adds resale value. It also blocks harmful UV rays that can fade carpet, upholstery and other furniture items.

A local home window replacement professional can help you choose the best windows for your home based on its age, style and budget. They can recommend full-frame installation methods that will yield long-lasting and energy efficient results. These installers can also offer triple pane and Energy Star-certified options. Energy Star-certified windows meet strict criteria for energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs. They can save you up to $583 a year in energy costs.

Energy Star-Certified Windows

The ENERGY STAR rating ensures the windows you choose meet high energy efficiency standards, saving you money on heating and cooling. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR-rated windows also qualifies you for a tax rebate.

Energy-efficient windows allow natural light into the home while reflecting or absorbing short-wave infrared heat and harmful UV rays. This helps to keep your interior cool and reduces the need for artificial lighting, lowering your energy costs.

Window installation companies in Ferndale offer a range of options for homeowners interested in improving energy efficiency. Consider using an insert or retrofit installation method, which keeps the existing frames intact and is less invasive.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add extra living space to your home while bringing in lots of natural light. They’re especially popular for stair landings and reading corners in bedrooms.

Today’s bay windows feature advanced energy efficiency and include functional side windows that allow you to control air flow in your home. Additionally, their low-emissivity coatings help protect your furniture, carpets and floors from damaging ultraviolet rays.

They’re available in fusion-welded aluminum or vinyl frames, and you can choose from a variety of colors, grid options, glazing and roof styles. They’re also available in insert or pocket installation, which is a less-invasive option.

Bow Windows

A similar style as bay windows, bow windows extend past the exterior wall and consist of four or more similarly sized windows to create a curved look. They can add beauty and curb appeal to any room while also providing a clear view of the outdoors.

Local window installation services can help you choose the right type of windows for your home and install them correctly. This helps ensure they will perform well in Ferndale’s climate and deliver the energy savings you expect.

A full frame window replacement involves replacing the entire frame and sash, which is ideal if your existing windows are damaged or outdated. This method is typically more expensive than insert or retrofit installations, but it offers the best results.

Vinyl Windows

The right windows will keep comfort in and the elements out for decades to come. Investing in energy efficient options will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.

Vinyl windows are an affordable, energy efficient option that adds a modern look to your home. They can also increase resale value and boost curb appeal.

Look for double-hung replacement windows with sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning. This feature will allow you to clean your new windows safely from inside the house. Check the U-Factor rating to ensure your windows are energy efficient. Choose windows that have a U-Factor rating of 0.30 or lower.