Custom Windows For Your Home

Choosing the right windows can have a significant impact on your home’s beauty, property value and energy efficiency. Replacing old windows with new ones can help you save money on your energy bills and protect your valuable belongings from harmful UV rays.

Window replacement experts can help you choose the best options at a price that fits your budget. They can also assist with installation.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is an excellent choice for energy efficient windows. It reduces heat transfer by reducing infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV rays are responsible for fading fabrics, and IR radiation can cause air conditioners and furnaces to work harder.

When the sun shines on a window with low-e glass, it’s similar to shining a light on a silver lining inside of a thermos. The reflected heat bounces off of the window, keeping the home cool in the summer.

The coating also blocks most UV rays, protecting furnishings from fading over time. This makes it a good option for homes with large windows that receive a lot of natural light. It also helps prevent glare on furniture and electronics near the windows. This is especially useful for older homes where sunlight may fade upholstery and carpets.

Argon Gas-Filled Windows

Argon gas is used to fill the gap between double or triple paned windows in insulated glass units (IGUs). This increases their insulation, lowering their thermal conductivity and decreasing heat transfer from outside to the home.

It also enhances their soundproofing capabilities, further softening external noises in the home. While argon-filled windows cost $30 to $40 more upfront, they help save homeowners money on their heating and electricity bills throughout the year.

Krypton, another insulating gas, is sometimes mixed with argon in some window solutions to provide even greater energy efficiency. Like argon, it’s non-toxic and stable, so even if there is a leak it won’t cause your window to crack or disintegrate. Ideally, your windows should last for 20 years with no noticeable loss of integrity.

Energy Star-Certified Windows

ENERGY STAR certified windows prevent heat loss in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer. They also help reduce energy usage, reducing utility bills and carbon emissions.

The ENERGY STAR program provides information on products that are independently tested and verified to be more energy efficient. The ENERGY STAR label helps homeowners find the right window for their climate zone.

Many popular window brands make ENERGY STAR-certified windows. For example, Marvin Replacement offers the 1556 double-hung window, which is ENERGY STAR qualified in all four climate zones. The window features a low-E glass and an argon gas fill. It also has spacers to insulate the pane edges and minimize heat transfer. ENERGY STAR-certified windows can reduce energy bills by up to 12 percent and cut household carbon dioxide emissions by up to 24 percent.

Solar Control Glass

This advanced glass is an innovative technology that merges aesthetics with functionality. It cuts down on solar heat transmission, making occupants feel comfortable. It also lowers energy bills.

Using this glass reduces reliance on air conditioning, saving you money in the long run. It also helps to protect furniture and flooring from sun fading.

Solar control glass has a neutral appearance and comes in various tinted colors. It has a low g-value and is able to filter out sunlight with ease.

To make your windows as energy-efficient as possible, choose a local window installer with experience in Ferndale‘s climate. They understand the conditions that cause rot, water damage and poor efficiency. They will also know how to mitigate these problems with the right materials and installation methods.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a popular choice due to their affordability, longevity and low maintenance. They also offer a wide variety of customization options, such as blinds-between-the-glass and wireless security sensors.

However, they’re not without their drawbacks. Because they’re made of a synthetic material, they are susceptible to temperature changes. This means they can shrink, swell, or sag, which could damage the frame and seals.

When purchasing vinyl windows, it’s important to check the company’s history and reviews. You should also be sure to choose a product that’s Energy Star-Certified. This will help you save money on heating and cooling costs while maintaining a high level of insulation.