Window Replacement Cost Ferndale MI

Window replacement can greatly improve the aesthetic of your home. It can also help you save on energy costs. However, it is important to choose the right window installation company.

Look for a company with years of experience and positive reviews on customer review websites. You should also check whether they offer an industry-leading warranty on their products and service.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass windows allow some of the sun’s short-wave infrared energy to pass through while reflecting the room’s long-wave heat energy. They also reduce UV rays, protecting interior furnishings and helping to prevent fading.

These benefits can result in reduced heating and cooling costs, lowering your energy bill by as much as 50 percent. You’ll also notice less wear and tear on your furnace and air conditioner, saving you money on repairs or replacements.

Besides being a cost-effective option, Low-E glass windows can help save you time by making your home or office more comfortable. They can reflect heat in a cold climate and stop the sun’s rays from passing through during a warm season, keeping your interiors at a more constant temperature and reducing the need to open and close the curtains. You can choose from double pane, insulated windows with argon gas between the glass panes or triple pane, energy efficient windows. Both styles can be installed with an insert, meaning the new window fits into your existing frame, which is a faster and more affordable option for many homeowners.


Vinyl windows are a very popular choice for homeowners. They’re affordable, easy to clean and low-maintenance. They’re also a great insulator, which means they will help keep hot air out during the summer and cold air in during the winter – saving you money on energy bills.

They are made from a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is similar to the plastic used to make plumbing pipes and electrical wires. PVC is also recyclable, which is great for the environment.

Vinyl is less expensive than fiberglass, and it’s easier to install than wood. That’s important because it reduces the mess and construction involved in a replacement window project. It also makes it easier to work around existing trim and the sash of your old window. However, if you go with vinyl, be sure to choose a quality brand. Poor quality vinyl will become brittle over time, and the mitered corners can separate. This can lead to water leaks into your home.


Grilles are removable wood or vinyl dividers that can be installed over a window. They are usually designed to mimic the look of a divided lite assembly. They are commonly used in historical homes and some newer architectural styles. These dividers take up space that would otherwise be used by sunlight and air, reducing the windows energy efficiency.

Durable and dependable attractive window grille designs also prevent airborne branches, objects and debris from smashing windows during harsh storms with blustery winds. This extra level of protection can help protect the interior furnishings of your home and can even save you money on insurance claims.

JELD-WEN offers a wide selection of decorative window grille patterns that complement nearly any architectural style. These grilles also provide an opportunity to create a custom window design, allowing homeowners to add a unique element to their home’s appearance. In addition, these grilles can be paired with argon gas-filled windows to improve their energy efficiency.

Energy Tax Credit

While it’s too late to take advantage of the tax credit this year, upgrading your windows is an investment that can save you money on energy bills and help increase your home value if you sell it in the future. It’s also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

New windows have better insulation that can keep heat out and cold air in, helping you lower your energy bills. They can also muffle noise from outside, making your home quieter and more comfortable. They also feature double weather stripping to create a tight seal, which can help with drafts and improve energy efficiency.

Another benefit of installing new windows is that it can make your home more attractive. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and colors to suit your preferences. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and will keep your home looking good.