How to Choose Front Entry Doors in Ferndale MI

Replacing the front door is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s curb appeal. A new entry door will also boost your house’s value.

Front doors made with glass create a light-filled entryway for your home. If privacy is a concern, choose textured obscure glass.

Custom doors can come in a variety of styles including six panel, four panel half moon, pocket, bifold, bypass, fiberglass, steel, wood, storm and French. A professional can help you decide which one is right for you.

Hurricane Impact Doors

When a hurricane hits, you do not want your front door to break apart and allow air and debris to enter your home. Upgrading to impact-rated doors prevents this and other damage from occurring. These doors feature a clear laminated impact glass that has been tested to the HVHZ and WBD building codes. They also undergo a cyclical test, which simulates the repeated impacts of debris and wind pressure. Additionally, the insulated safety glass does not shatter like regular glass.

These doors are ideal for homeowners living in HVHZ areas. They can be paired with impact-rated windows and other storm protection for complete home security. They are also a good option for homes in coastal communities where the risk of hurricanes is higher. The durability and strength of these doors will deter burglars from breaking into your house. This can help reduce your insurance premiums and improve your home’s curb appeal. These doors can be custom-sized to fit your existing opening for a fast and effective installation.

Custom Door Installation

A new door is an excellent way to refresh your home’s aesthetic, improve security, and increase energy efficiency. However, the cost to install a new door can vary depending on materials and size. The best place to start is with a professional installer, but be sure to get a price estimate first.

Exterior doors are a big investment and they communicate your personal style to the world. They also have to withstand extreme weather scenarios, so they need to be sturdy and well-framed. For these reasons, they’re often more expensive than interior doors.

If you’re planning to replace your exterior doors in Ferndale MI, consult with a reputable door installation company to learn more about your options. They can help you choose the best front entry doors for your home, and they can offer insights into residential windows, too. Choosing the right window styles and custom doors can transform your living space into a more comfortable, attractive, and efficient environment.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an attractive option for homes or commercial spaces because they allow copious amounts of natural light to filter inside and illuminate the space, reducing artificial lighting usage and making your home cozier and more welcoming. They can also feature glass panes from the floor to the ceiling, which can provide a more expansive view of your surroundings.

Because they are made of double glass, sliding doors can prevent heat from escaping during summers and cold air from entering during winters. This can help you save a lot of money on your monthly energy bills.

Sliding doors are also quieter to open and close, and their tracks are easy to clean with soapy water and a sponge. Additionally, they are more resistant to burglars than hinged and bifolding doors, especially if you install them with tempered safety glass. Sliding doors are also easier for physically challenged people to move into and out of.


When looking for budget entry doors, homeowners should consider their preferences in terms of appearance and functionality. The cost of a door depends on the materials used, the thickness of the material and the thermal insulation characteristics. Wooden models with a traditional look are more expensive than those made of MDF or veneer.

Steel doors are a good choice for people who want an attractive, durable front door that will not break their bank. They are rust-resistant and require less maintenance. They can be painted and have a wide range of hardware options. They also have a polyurethane foam core that improves their insulating properties.

Many budget entry doors are available with glass inserts. These allow natural light into the home without compromising privacy. If you want to add a little more style, select a door with textured obscure glass or decorative patterns. You can also choose to include sidelights to enhance your home’s curb appeal.