How to Properly Clean Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a type of door consisting of two or more panel sections, with some or all being mobile to slide open. They can be fitted with a wide range of security features.

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Clean the Tracks

Sliding glass doors offer many benefits including letting sunshine flood your home, saving space, and making it easy to access outdoor areas. However, these doors also tend to attract a lot of dust and dirt over time that can impact how smoothly the door opens and closes.

To keep your sliding doors clean and functioning properly, it’s important to clean their tracks on a regular basis. This is especially true after weather changes or if your door sees frequent use.

First, remove the door from its frame and vacuum the track and bottom of the door. Next, using a brush or toothbrush dipped in acetone, scrub the wheels and tracks to remove any caked-on grease or grime. Then, wipe down the tracks with a terry cloth towel and apply a thin layer of lubricant.

Finally, it’s a good idea to clean the frames, sashes, and grilles of your sliding doors before you start cleaning the glass components. Doing this will ensure that any cleaning products you get on these parts of the door won’t affect the glass.

Apply Lubricant

Sliding glass doors provide a lot of natural light into the home and allow for beautiful outdoor views. However, they also need regular cleaning and lubrication to keep them moving smoothly.

It’s best to have a helper for this task because sliding glass doors are heavy and can be unstable once they’re off the tracks. You’ll need to remove drapes or blinds as well as vacuum the track before you apply a dry lubricant.

Use a lubricant that’s silicone-based and non-stick. Avoid using any type of grease or oil, as these will attract dirt that clogs the tracks.

You can apply the lubricant by using a cloth or soft brush or spraying it directly onto the tracks. Once the lubricant has dried, you can reinstall your sliding glass door and test it to make sure it’s sliding smoothly again. If not, contact a professional to service the tracks and ensure the door is secure against intruders.

Replace the Glass

Sliding glass doors are popular because they offer wide views of the outdoors and allow in a lot of sunlight. But, over time they can become difficult to open and close because of problems with the tracks and rollers.

These parts of the door are crucial to its operation, but they can also be replaced when they get worn down or damaged. A professional installer can help you determine whether cleaning, lubricating, or replacing the rollers and track is necessary.

While it may be tempting to try to replace a sliding glass door on your own, you are much better off hiring the experts. Not only is the task more complicated than it seems, but you have to be careful not to injure yourself or break the rest of the door frame. A professional will have the proper tools and equipment to complete the job quickly and correctly. They can also install energy-efficient doors that feature Low-E coatings and argon gas insulation.

Hire a Professional

Sliding glass doors add beauty to a home and allow for yard and patio views. However, if they are not properly cleaned and lubricated, the doors can become a magnet for dirt and dust and make opening and closing them difficult. Regular cleaning of the glass, tracks, and hardware is recommended to help reduce the need for expensive repair work.

When hiring a professional, be sure to discuss their methods and costs. They may charge more for cleaning a second-story door or window (which is harder to access), and they may also require an extra fee if you want them to clean your windows as well.

The best option is to hire a sliding glass door and window repair specialist that offers complete installation services as well. This way, you can trust that your new sliding glass doors will be installed correctly and that they will not be susceptible to rust build-up or other problems in the future.