Window Styles in Ferndale MI

The type of window you choose will play a significant role in both aesthetics and energy efficiency. Low-E glass and argon gas-filled windows prevent hot or cool air from escaping your home, saving you money on your power bills.

Steel windows provide high durability and a modern look, while clad-wood options combine wood interiors for insulation with aluminum or vinyl exteriors for easy maintenance. These are great choices for retrofit installation, when new windows are installed in an existing frame.


Vinyl windows offer excellent energy efficiency. They are an insulator and can prevent heat from escaping during the summer and cold from entering in the winter, lowering your energy bills. They also reduce outside noise.

Vinyl is one of the lowest-cost window materials, and it is durable. It won’t swell or splinter and requires very little maintenance. Wood windows have a more traditional feel and are an excellent insulator but require regular staining or painting to avoid rot or decay.

When choosing a new window, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR label. This will help you find the most energy efficient option that meets your needs. It will indicate the visible light transmittance, u-factor and solar heat gain coefficient of the window.


Whether you want to give your home or business a traditional look or prefer something more modern, there are plenty of options for window styles Ferndale MI. Wood windows are a popular choice because they add a sense of warmth to homes and require less maintenance. Vinyl is another good option because it’s durable and offers good insulation. Aluminum is a lightweight material that works well for contemporary and modern homes.

If you’re looking for energy efficiency, consider a dual-pane window. These offer excellent insulation with a low-E coating and argon gas between the panes. They also offer a sleek appearance and are easy to clean. Other energy-efficient options include triple pane windows and Energy Star-certified windows. These have a special coating that helps block out harmful UV rays.


Aluminum windows have a sleek appearance and are a good choice for contemporary homes. They are durable and require minimal maintenance. They are a poor conductor of heat, which helps keep indoors cool in summer and warm in winter. They can be installed with low-E glass, which blocks or absorbs the sun’s rays and keeps homes energy efficient.

Manufacturer of aluminium frames and windows. Products include single-hung, double-hung, bay and bow windows. Services include custom fabrication, installation and repair for residential and commercial projects. Aluminum and wood doors, awnings, wall panels and engineered wooden products are also available. Custom trusses and hardware are also available.


There are a variety of window styles Ferndale MI homeowners can choose from. These windows offer different features and benefits, including increased energy efficiency and decreased utility bills. These savings can help offset the cost of installation.

A popular choice for residential and commercial Ferndale window replacement is double hung windows. These windows allow the top and bottom sash to be opened, allowing you to let in fresh air and enjoy beautiful views.

Fiberglass windows are a great option for those looking for high durability and improved insulation. They can also mimic the look of wood, making them an excellent choice for traditional homes. Other options include low-E glass and Argon gas-filled windows, which are designed to reduce energy costs even further. A clad-wood option pairs a wood interior for natural insulation with an aluminum or vinyl exterior for reduced maintenance.


uPVC windows are highly energy efficient and stop heat from escaping, which lowers your energy bills. They are also a lot stronger and less likely to corrode than other window frames. They are available in a range of colors and textures, and can include attractive grills that enhance their aesthetics.

UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and is a low-maintenance plastic building material that became popular as an alternative to painted wood for double-glazed windows. It is a versatile and lightweight material that can be used for other home improvement projects, such as fascia boards, guttering and downpipes.

UPVC is an extremely durable and reliable material that is resistant to heat, UV radiation and oxidation from water. It can be molded into different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, such as bay or bow windows, sash and casement windows and even sliding doors.